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I tested all my games these havent been mentioned, here is what loads and looks cool or is either playable:

snes alladin

Aero Fighters- missing enemy sprites
Art of fighting - graphical errors, however can actually play with fighters, speed ok.
Bastard!!! - Actually plays, major graphical errors, considering entire game is Mode7
Contra 3 - Missing player sprite, enemy sprite, but background looks great.
Dracula X- boots great, cant load game though
Final Fantasy 5 - Graphical errors, missing player sprites, Cool it boots though!
Final Fight 3 - Loads, unfortunately unplayable, menu looks great
Gun Force - Looks great, you see some Mode7 effects that look great at beginning, cant see the bullets you fire though!

List of SuperNintendo game roms that have ben confirmed to be more or less playable on Pocket SNES Advance for GBA SP



What users say about Pocket SNES

Extracts from user e-mails and forums about Pocket SNES emulator and running Super Nintendo games on it.

* Super Mario World: the speed I think is the correct one (sometimes it has minislowdowns ) Some graphics problems (priority of the layers, garbled map, invisible hint textboxes ...)

* Super Smash T.V.: incredible speed (the intro is ultrafast!). Minor graphical problems

* Demon's Crest: it's not speedhacked but the game is veery playable. Almost perfect graphics (minor problems with priority of layers).

Alladin: some glitches in the text, slow at the beginning but normal speed when you are in a level

Simcity (U): corrupted graphics in main menu and selection of scenario. 'Start new city' mode doesn't work (but it works ingame with 'Practice' and 'Select Scenario' modes with perfect graphics)

Darius Force (J): almost perfect graphics (some problems in intro and in ingame moving background not emulated). Very playable!

Axelay (U): major graphical problems in menu and game selection screens. Perfect ingame graphics and good speed!

Wow Aladdin's full speed, nice. The game menu's are abit crappy but once your in the game it flys.

Sonic Blastman - Loads, cant see player sprite though.
Spawn - No BG, although very playable
World Heroes - Loads great, unplayable cant see characters

Anyway, I am loving this! Batman Returns rocks!


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