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February 15, 2004

PocketSNES BETA released.

Visit our download section to get the latest version of snes emulator for gba.
Just when you thought it was impossible - they did it - working emulator for snes roms on Gameboy Advance and GBA SP. Download the Emulator. Run the rom injector utility. Create Pocket SNES Advance .gba file and write it to your GBA Flash Card or play it in VisualBoy Advance emulator on PC/ Mac/ Linux/ BeOS.

Smash TV snes rom PocketSNES

The 7th Saga snes rom


Listed here are the games that have been tested to be compatible with the current version of PocketNES and work.

Confirmed Working Games

These are all playable to some extent, but some are a bit slow or have graphic bugs. Many Konami games work.

Akumajou Dracula XX (J).smc
Aladdin (U) [!].smc - works good
Animaniacs (U) [!].smc
Axelay (U): major graphical problems in menu and game selection screens. Perfect ingame graphics and good speed!
Batman Returns (U) [!].smc
Breath of Fire (U) [!].smc - glitches
Choujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie (J).smc - great
Darius Force (J): almost perfect graphics (some problems in intro and in ingame moving background not emulated). Very playable!
Demon's Crest (U) [!].smc
Earthworm Jim (U).smc - great
Fatal Fury (U).smc - fine
Gokujou Parodius (J).smc
Goof Troop (U) [!].smc - some gfx glitches
Ganbare Goemon - Yuki hime Kyuushuutsu emaki (J) (V1.0).smc - works
Gradius III (U) [!].smc - really great
Gunforce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island (U).smc - working
Mega Man's Soccer (U) [!].smc - slow but works
Raiden Trad (U).smc - works
Simcity (U): corrupted graphics in main menu and selection of scenario. 'Start new city' mode works but takes a long time to start. it works ingame with 'Practice' and 'Select Scenario' modes with perfect graphics.
Super Castlevania IV (U) [!].smc
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (U) [!].smc - bg glitches
Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
Super R-Type (U) [!].smc - great, fast
Super Smash T.V. (U).smc - some glitches

There are more games that work. More than a thousand to check so if you have a list of games you have tested mail it to us. And you are welcome to include your best screenshots.

ConraDargo's PocketSNES compatibility list - I wish I had so much time for playing / testing games. Just imagine what Dragon will have to do when  new version of the Pocket SNES is released...


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