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 PocketSNES emu for GBA - Super Nintendo SNES Emulator for Gameboy Advance and GBA SP Flash Cards.

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IF you are looking for the official homepage made by VampireHunterD go here.


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I Don't Know Why You Wanna Hate Me

Reply to All:

  • The site will not be deleted or taken down.
  • There is no Trademark or Service Mark registered for PocketSNES (GBA) or the old PocketSNES for PocketPC so anybody is free to use this name. Check http://www.uspto.gov/ "US Patent and Trademark Office" - we DID check it before registering the domain. If there is no TM registered for the name than ANY domain that is still not taken is free to register.
  • Domain registration is on first come first serve basis so if we registered something before you did you have no rights to the domain.
  • Loopy (Neal Tew) is the BEST and he has been given full credit for making this great emulator we all enjoy. (check: index and download page)
  • We reserve the right to add a file with our URL to the ZIPs stored on our server to protect them from leeching.
    (same as GBAdev.org and GBAemu.com does)
  • There is only ONE Official PocketSNES website so there is no reason to put unOfficial on every site on the web.
  • To cover the costs of web hosting we have added a couple of links to Success but unlike some people we don't  beg for users to click on them. Thanks for suggesting a good sponsor go to pockethaeven. Also most likely pocketsnes.net now has been inserted as a sub affiliate for them.
  • You are the guys who made gameboy-advance.net - We wish we were.
  • We have never claimed we made the PocketSNES Emulator neither did we claim that our site is the official - check the index page.
  • We will not give this domain to you, but you should try asking people who own www.PocketSNES.com and www.PocketSNES.org - maybe they would like to hand it to you. I hope you are bugging the owners of .COM at least twice as us much as you are bugging us.
  • There are many sites that have Loopy's emulator up for download. We made a site that is fully dedicated to this emulator - can anybody blame as for that? I don't think so.
  • If by Google points you mean Google PR than you have to know that we have none. 0. And there is no way for a website to take "google points" away from another site.
  • Does popularity discourage people from making great programs? Again I don't think so. The more sites there are about a PocketSNES the more popular it gets and consequently there is more interest for Loopy in continuing the project. Who want's a project that nobody knows about?
  • ...

Warning: The following e-mails have not been edited and contain profanity.


From: NOSPAM[email protected]

Dear Internet Con-artist

I'll start out kindly. Please delete your site. you did not make pocket snes. the true hompage lies here http://snes.pocketheaven.com/
got me? you already know that it's there because YOU STOLE ALL HIS INFO. Do you know how much work he put into this? and YOU STEAL IT. his work. You are scum. you don't deserver to live on this earth. you are the guys who made gameboy-advance.net, right? I hate your ring of websites. you MADE all the websites in that ring. Romcenter has no roms, and GameBoyGames.com HA!!! look at those "200 in one" carts. yeah, take other peoples emulators, THAT REAL PEOPLE TAKE TIME AND EFFORT TO PROGRAM, put 200 roms on there, that people also programmed with large amounts of time and effort, and sell it for 60 DOLLARS!!! I really can't wait till you put 1000 super nintendo games on a cart and sell it for 100$. You monster. SCUM. DIE. PLEASE. now, please respond and explain WHY you piss everyone off so much. And do you realize someone could rat you out and sue you? like nintendo? or someone who programmed an emulator? HAHA. can't wait till than. everybody on the internet will smile.


(P.S.....YOU SUCK)

From: Nicholas Keller NOSPAM[email protected]

I was wondering why you have copied loopy's official site, given him almost no credit, taken the domain name, and are not agreeing to take the site down.  You're obviously committing plagurism, and myself and others will fight to see your site is taken down soon as possible.

From: Rick Dempsey #3 NOSPAM[email protected]

your site is so great!  i love PocketSNES!  its sites like these that pop up and dont give any credit and try to make money off emulators, that end up killing great emulation projects!  so keep it up guys!  the more google points to you guys isntead of the *real* pocketSNES site, the more chance loopy will GIVE UP and say FUCK IT and stop writing PocketSNES!  PLEASE KILL POCKETSNES IT SUCKS ASS!

From: Ross NOSPAM[email protected]

Ross: You cannot call yourselves 'By Fans for Fans' if you simply steal a domain name for cash. Seriously, you have to add large links to the top of the page to the official site, not remove the links in the zip, and add a Unofficial tag to your site, before you can gain any credibility.

- We registered the domain and before that the domain name didn't exist so how could we steal something that didn't exist?
- We added the Success-Hk links after people at Pocket Heaven suggested that this great web shop was hard to find.
- We already have links to the official site. When you make your site you can put any link everywhere you like. So make your own site and manage the link on that one - not on our site.
- No links from the ZIP have been removed - Only link to us added - check it.
- Please, ask VampireHunterD to add OFFICIAL tag to his site - that should solve your problem.

If you have some more questions read the ones we have answered to before mailing us. Emails that say "You ### take your #### down!" will not be replied to for obvious reasons.

Questions are answered at the top of the page.